For children ages 6-12 (1st-6th grade). The teacher meets this group in our lobby to divide into small groups of mixed ages. In the small sanctuary, teams work together to study the Bible and examine one BIBLE POINT each week. This highly interactive program involves children in games, drama, music, crafts and reading the Word to understand how to apply these Bible points into their daily lives.


  • To provide a place where children are excited to learn about the Bible, its principles, and its place in their lives, and where they gain a deeper knowledge of its contents year by year.
  • To prepare children to worship the Lord as youth and adults.
  • To train children up in the knowledge of the Lord.
  • To teach children to learn from the Bible by themselves.
  • Give children the opportunity to share their knowledge of the Bible with others.
  • Help children to be attentive, to participate, and to have respect for authority and others, in both a small group and large group atmosphere.