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7th–12th grade

We have two areas of ministry for our youth in junior high/middle school and high school

  • RAVE Youth Ministry—Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm–8:30pm, for youth in grades 7–12

  • Extreme Team—Sundays (4th Sunday of each month) during our 10:30 service, for youth in grades 7–9

Read below for more information on both ministries...

RAVE Youth Ministry

Grades 7–12

RAVE | verb:

1) To rave about the undying love of our Father. 

2) To, with complete joy and excitement, praise Jesus Christ for our salvation.

3) Without walls or boundaries, proclaim the name of JESUS.

Pat Lynch



RAVE Youth Ministry is a place where youth (7th–12th grade) from all backgrounds are loved and encouraged to live out a life worthy of the calling of Jesus in their lives. We believe we are the hands and feet of Jesus and are commissioned to be love to a world that doesn’t know true love in our schools, homes, communities and across the globe. RAVE Youth Ministry uses music, games, small groups, lessons, outreach, missions, prayer, and relationships to meet a huge need in today’s youth’s life. Now more than ever, we need youth who will stand for truth and lead the next generation to the feet of Jesus.